Benefits when participate in DCB's marketplace

Revenue from taxes and fees: Decibling collects small taxes from in-app activities, such as NFT transactions, community system maintenance fees …etc…

Revenue from advertising campaigns: Decibling will enable the advertisement features for conditional artwork and will charge for each of ad-package.

NOTE: All assets in the application are owned by each individual user and most of the income in the application is generated by users.

Where does the source of Return come from? 30% of the total Froy volume will be locked on the system, to use as a Return guarantee fund for all Stakers and Pool Owners on Decibling’s platform.

Return payment method: Return has a specific interest rate for each different case.

Let say an Epoch is 5 days. And stakers receive returns of Epoch1 after system comes to Epoch2.

However, in all cases, the interest rate is calculated on an annual basis and is automatically paid to Staker’s Wallet after every Epoch.

Stakers who stake in the middle period of Epoch1 will not receive returns when the system comes to Epoch2, his/her/their returns are counted from Epoch2 and will be paid in Epoch3.