How to stake into pool and listen to music

Decibling Pool

By default, you will be able to listen to all musics after registration but at low quality. To get better quality, stake 300 FROY to Decibling and you will be upgraded to medium quality.

If you start from our homepage, this promotion will lead through our upgrade system.

Our first requirement is just stake 300 FROY to our pool, then you are good to go!

You can check quality between low and medium in the player:

Artist Pools

Artist will have a separated pool for all fans to contribute the artist and earn FROY.

In the artist page, you will see a button to stake in the right side. Click on the button then input any amount you want. That’s it!

Each artist pool will have different return percent! Please check the pool info from your artist carefully.

…stake more?

In Profile > Staking Pools will list all pools that you staked into. You can claim your profit, or stake more in this page.